Non-fictioneers’ guide to MWF 2012

As an official ‘Emerging Blogger’ for MWF 2012 I have trawled through the festival program as I do every year, ticking, crossing (and doing a twirly line to indicate uncertainty). To do it thoroughly is an uber time-consuming task. So I thought I’d share my shortlist of events with a non-fiction focus. Make sure you confirm the details on the MWF site (titles are linked to the relevant pages).

You can also access these pages using the 'MWF Guide' link in the top navigation.

Friday 24 August

Saturday 25 August

Sunday 26 August

Tuesday 28 August to Thursday 30 August

Friday 31 August

Saturday 1 September

Sunday 2 September


I've tried to make shorthand keys to help you work through the sessions of relevance:

A=Arts, AUS=Australia, E=Ethics, FE=Finance / Economy F=Might include fiction (oh no! ;-)), FC=Foreign Correspondent / Travel Writing, J=Journalism, LF=Long form, P=Politics, R=Religion, S=Sustainability / Environment, Sc=Science.